Workshops 2018


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Ultimate Winter Wildlife in Yellowstone

January 14 – 23 2018 | SOLD OUT

January 27 – Feb 5 2018 | SOLD OUT

This workshop is all about the wildlife and we have tweaked this particular trip to offer you the absolute best that winter in Yellowstone has to offer. From frost covered bison to bobcats hunting in the snow, this workshop is a tour de force in America’s premier wildlife photography destination. 

Birds of the Rio Grande

Feb 18 – 22 | Sold Out

Feb 25 – March 1 | Sold Out

Considered to be one of the most important bird areas in the world, the avian biodiversity of the Rio Grande Valley is simply amazing. Located at a convergence zone in habitat and populations, the Rio Grande offers photographers the opportunity not only to photograph unique southwestern desert species such as road runners and pyrrhuloxias, but it also gives us the chance to photograph Central American species such as green jays, kiskadees, and oriels – to name just a few. In addition to set up photography for songbirds, this workshop is also timed to coincide with the peak of the raptor activity in the region where caracaras and Harris hawks will be prime targets.


Wildlife of Honduras 

March 11 – 17, 2018 | THREE SPACES LEFT

The photographic opportunities of Honduras is one of the best kept secrets of the Americas. Based out of the world famous Pico Bonito Lodge, we will have access to an extraordinary range of wildlife opportunities from margay to crocodiles to toucans. From big lens to macro photography, this workshop will be an experience you do not want to miss. 



Wild Horses of the Carolina Coast 

May 6 – 10

May 13 – 17

May 20 – 24

This is our classic all inclusive wild horse photo intensive. Concentrating on capturing photographs that simply are not possible anywhere else, we will focus on two separate uninhabited islands off the coast of North Carolina as we work one of the oldest known populations of wild horses in North America. 

Grizzly 399 strolls across an open meadow carpeted with wild flowers as her first of the year cubs tag along

Spring Wildlife of Jackson Hole and the Tetons

June 17 – 23, 2018 | One Space Left

Springtime in Jackson Hole and the Tetons is a wildlife photographer’s dream. As the world of the Northern Rockies and Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem begins to explode with life once again, the photographic opportunities become almost overwhelming. From grizzlies with newborn cubs to great grey owl, this workshop offers more diversity than any other trip we offer. 


Brown Bears of Coastal Alaska

August 16 – 23, 2018 | SOLD OUT

If you are looking adventure, this workshop is for you. Based in one of the densest populations of brown bears on Earth, this workshop will offer you the chance to be up close and personal with America’s largest predator. 

Wild Horses of the North Dakota Badlands

September 16 – 22, 2018

The North Dakota badlands are a rugged yet beautiful landscape, an arresting desert that captured the mind and imagination of America’s greatest champion of wild spaces – Teddy Roosevelt. The focus of this workshop is all about wild horses who are the descendants of the very same mustangs that Roosevelt waxed so poetically about in his many books that he wrote here.  Though horses are the primary objective, many of the iconic species of western wildlife will make an appearance including bison, coyotes, elk, mule deer, prairie dogs, badgers, and golden eagles.  

The Elk Rut of the Colorado Rockies

October 7 – 13, 2018

To simply witness the elk rut in the Rocky Mountains is to experience one of the great wildlife spectacles in North America. To find yourself in the middle of the largest herd of elk, photographing, in the Colorado Rockies, takes that experience to a whole new level. This workshop is timed to capture the peak of the elk rut, fall colors, and the start of the mule deer rut. If you like elk, you do not want to miss this opportunity!