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Harbor Seals of the Outer Banks

Back in November a seal was spotted down on Hatteras Island. People got excited. This was a bit early for the seals, but heck, the humpback whales were migrating by all the way back at […]


Fire and Ice

Its been cold lately. I mean really cold. By southern standards, its been arctic cold. And as you would expect when temperatures plummet to below freezing for several days, everything has been frozen solid. In […]


The Skies Darkened

I’ve have always felt cheated out of this Earth’s great wonders by being born to my generation. I read the accounts of William Bartram, John Lawson, the first expeditions to the Carolina coast, those first […]


Pea Island Snow Geese

As is the case most mornings that I am out photographing, the alarm went off at 4:00 am and I was on the road by 4:30. My original destination was to be Poccosin Lakes National […]


Snow Geese, another visitor from the far North

What is it that I truly love about winter here despite the lack of snow? Well if you havnt guessed it for yourself just yet, its the waterfowl. For starters its what makes the Outer […]


Blind Shyness And Lessons On Blending In

For the past several days I have been photographing exclusively at lake Mattamsukeet National Wildlife Refuge. As the swans have begun to return in mass, the action has picked up to a fever pitch out […]


Tundra Swans of Mattamuskeet

Once again the frigid cold fronts that swept through the last week brought pay dirt to our area in the form of waterfowl.  The eastern population of the Tundra Swan – formally known as the […]


Swans in Flight.

  Long before folks were coming to the Outer Banks to sunburn along the windswept white sandy beaches of these barrier islands, they came for the birds. Well, they came for the waterfowl that is […]


Wild Horses of the Carolina Coast workshop

  Yesterday I led another wild horse photography workshop up on Carova Beach. As the cold front came through the night before, temperatures went from a high of 76 to a high of only 44 […]


The Seals Have Returned

Unknown by so many even here at the Outer Banks, each year around Thanksgiving harbor seals begin to return to our beaches. As the weather begins to turn cold up north, and food sources begin […]


Ocracoke dredge spoils

This morning  I took the trip down to Ocracoke and launched my kayak out behind the dredge spoil beside the ferry docks. I had intended to just paddle out toward the “north point” of the […]


immersing onself in the abstract

I have been working on a story for Wildlife in North Carolina magazine about barrier island migration. Every barrier island in the world is migrating. Its just the nature of these sandbars. As ocean levels […]


Alpine Meadow and Sunset

Heres another one from the archives of this summer that I am only now getting around to. This is from the Beartooth Plateau in Montana. reaching upwards of 11,000 feet in elevation, Spring time comes late […]


More Photos from the OBX Pro 2009

wow, talk about a slow process here trying to keep up with other photo projects plus the OBX pro, plus the ESA Best of the East event down in Hatteras this week.


OBX Pro 2009 – The Final Showdown

 Benny Bourgeios out of Writesville Beach took first place this year, following up his first place title up in Belmar NJ last weekend. Despite the fact that its nearly midnight, I’m plastered in salt, and I […]


OBX PRO 2009

The 2009 OBX pro is in full swing down in South Nags Head at the Comfort Inn. These shots are from Saturday, with the big showdown still yet to come tomorrow. We had a touch […]


Red Flag Photography – keep it or leave it?

So as many of you know I have been going through some website issues. My main site has been down now since July and I am still working with someone to get a new one […]


Eastern Surfing Association – OBX style

As a massive low pressure system churned up our skies and seas for the last week, everybody who owned a surfboard on the Outer Banks was waiting patiently for the weekend to come. Forecasts were […]


Hurricane Bill – a second round

Still going through photos of the Hurricane Bill swell and already were watching yet another tropical storm build in strengthas it makes its way toward the Outer Banks. If all works out, it will stay […]


Hurricane Bill – Holy Cow!

If Hatteras was amazing on Friday, than Saturday in Kitty Hawk was EPIC! Swells on the outside bar were consistently double over head with a few sets pushing triple over head Saturday at the Lillian […]