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Rocky Mountain Arsenal

For the last couple of years, I have been on a quest for big mule deer bucks. Now, living in the West as I do, mule deer are absolutely everywhere. On every pasture, in every […]

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Shorebirds and Super Storms in Cape May

Growing up along the beaches of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I have always had a fascination with shorebirds. Maybe it’s the difficulty that most birders have in identifying these little guys. It could […]

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Wild Horses of the Crystal Coast Trip Report

  I’m sitting here at a desk in a condo overlooking the Beaufort NC waterfront. The sun will be setting soon, that rich golden light is beginning to dance upon the water, and across Taylor’s Creek […]

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Jackson Hole – Day 5

After getting my fill of landscapes the day before, it was time to go hunting for moose again! As moose tend to prefer wetlands, here in Jackson Hole the riparian habitats (river bottoms) are the […]

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Jackson Hole Day 4

Ok, so I know that this blog entry is skipping a day. Lets just say that while in Jackson, I stay pretty busy! As a disclaimer to this series of Wyoming posts I should note […]

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Jackson Hole – day 2

As forecasted, temperatures continued to fall throughout the night, and precipitation moved into the region in the form of snow. As to be expected, wildlife activity really jumped into gear with this new weather pattern. […]

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Jackson Hole – Day 1

Ever wonder why in Yellowstone and Jackson Hole that the only animals you typically see during most of the day in the summer are bison and pronghorn? This is due to the these animals ability […]

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Crystal Coast Wild Horse Photography Workshop

Its been a busy couple of weeks. Went down to South Carolina to photograph waterfowl for a few days, returned home and unpacked only to repack the following day and leave out on a 3 […]

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Shenandoah Scouting Trip

A lot of people overlook Shenandoah National Park when it comes to photographing fall foliage and whitetails in the Southern Appalachians. Most make a headway right down (or over) to the Great Smoky Mountain National […]

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Wild Horses, Workshops, and Wind

Friday was perfect. Calm winds, blue skies, comfortable temperatures, and a general sense of euphoria prevailed. Standing upon the bow of the boat I watched as thousands of dogfish (smallish sharks) swam into the estuary […]

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