Another Round of Silhouettes


Back out on Carova Beach the other day, once again on my way home from work when I pass by the same band of horses from the last silhouette post here. This go around the sun was still above the dune line and therefore the only way to make this scene work was to drop the sun in behind the horse itself. By bringing the sun near the front of the stallion I was able to create a halo effect around him. After making a few images this way, I decided the composition needed another element to it in order to make it stand out. My first thought was a sun star but what you see here proved to be more effective. The sun itself is not actually actually out from behind the horse. Instead, I moved my self so that the sun was just on the verge of starting to slip out fron under the horses belly which created this lovely burst of light. Any more sun and I would have had a solid white orb in the photograph to contend with.

I’m sure the passing vehicles got a real nice laugh at me on the beach during this shoot. As the section of dunes that this stallion was walking along was quite low, in order to position the sun where I wanted it I was on my knees crouched down. As you can see this stallion was walking right along and so I was constantly trying to scramble along through the sand, desperately trying to keep my lens in the right position. A couple people I know honked as they drove by with grins on thier faces.

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