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This weekend I took a break from my usual photographic haunts out here on the Outer Banks and headed inland to the swamps. Our destination – Merchant Millpond State Park.

Merchant Millpond SP is just truly and incredible place. The pond itself was created over 150 years ago when Bennets Creek was dammed up, and paddling a canoe or kayak around the place is like taking a step back into the Jurassic period. I have been coming here for nearly 10 years now, and I have to say that if a Brontisaurus came walking by through the swamp I would not be the least bit suprised! Navigating around the pond itself (which is two miles long) is like canoeing through a forest. Actually make that an old growth forest, considering that all of the trees standing in the pond are older than the pond itself. Bald Cyprus and Tupelo Gum are the dominant species here for good reason – they are the only two species of trees that can survive in a constantly flooded environment in North America.

The millpond this time of year is a photographers dream. Prothonatory warblers, alligators sunning themsevles, and the native species of iris – blue flag – is blooming all over the place. Above and below are a few of the photographs that I made out there Saturday morning.

blueflag-pj anhinga-pj

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