Owls, Owls, Owls, and more Owls


Assigning myself photographic projects, I have found, really keeps me focused and working hard. As of lately owls have been the subject matter of choice for me and as it would turn out – there are no shortage of subjects in the Jackson Hole area.

Great Horned Owl are nestin all around the valley and the majority of chicks or owlets have begun to leave the nest. One of these nests happened to be about 12 feet off the ground and was tucked into a nice heart shaped cavity of a cottonwood tree. The owl chick that you see here is from that location.

Just down the road from my house there has also been an incredibly accomidating great grey owl as well. When the “wildlife paporazi” is not in full force, I have truley enjoyed working with this girl and have learned quite a bit about thier behavior and ecology in the proccess – spending hours on end watching and studying this bird.

You will be seeing more of the great grey for me, as there are still a few ideas that I have yet to accomplish with her yet and so I will continue to hang out at the beaver ponds where she likes to spend her mornings.


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