Red Flag Photography – keep it or leave it?


So as many of you know I have been going through some website issues. My main site has been down now since July and I am still working with someone to get a new one built that is completely customizable from my end along with news updates, and a shopping cart feature. In the mean time however, I decided to go ahead and separate my surf photography business from my nature photography. The result is Red Flag Photography. I go back and forth on whether I really like the name, and so I’m going to hold off on actually registering Red Flag Photography as a domain name. Your feedback on the name would be great…. does it suck, or should I keep it?

Anyways, for the moment, I am hosting the site through Zenfolio which can be found at http://www.RedFlagPhotography.zenfolio.com  This will allow me to begin posting sets of photographs for individual surfers and magazines to review. When I register the domain name, I will update the journal here.

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