Green River Lakes


Slowly but surely I am finally finding the time to go through the last month’s worth of photographs from Wyoming. Leaving the Rockies I was catapulted back into the insanity of tourist season on the Outer Banks and the need to recoup 3 months worth of income. Things are slowing down once again, tourists are leaving, the waterfowl are beginning to arrive and so the colors of Wyoming are once again gracing my LCD Display. I miss the place already.

Here are a couple from the Green River Lakes area at the base of the Wind River Range. I was only able to spend a 2 days here, but the range is truly spectacular. Both of these photographs are taken from a marshland area just before the famed lake itself. With no exaggeration, I drove 50 miles down a dirt road to get here. It was worth every bit of the 2 hours of choking on dust.

Both shots were taken from inside of the marsh. I waded out into the thick of it and spent several hours working the area. Upon walking back up to the road however I noticed two things. First, I had something like 20 leaches on me. Second, I had left my lights on and my battery was dead. Luckily I was able to flag some guy down who happened to be driving down the road and he gave me a lift to a nearby campground in order to find jumper cables. Opening his truck door, there were two rifles in the seat, 12 beer cans in the floor board, and bullet shells absolutely EVERYWHERE. I wont even begin to tell you the things that ran through my mind on that ride.


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