Alpine Meadow and Sunset


Heres another one from the archives of this summer that I am only now getting around to. This is from the Beartooth Plateau in Montana. reaching upwards of 11,000 feet in elevation, Spring time comes late here and there really isnt a summer at all. This was taking in July during the peak of the wildflower bloom.

I had been photographing mountain goats when this sunset came upon me. When I say, “came upon me” i really mean it too. The day was overcast, drab, lifeless as far as light goes. As the late afternoon progressed, I certainly didnt expect anything different. I had essentially packed up my gear and begun climbing again when suddenly out of no where this beam of light shot out ahead of me and I turned around to see this! Scrambling to get my tripod up and a smaller lens on my camera I began searching for compositional elements. There were no rocks here, nothing that would really stand out as a dramatic foreground for the photograph. But there were flowers, and lots of them. The angle of the light really seemed to make them pop and so I dropped to the ground to try and pull them out into the foreground. Being no more than 2 inches tall, I just wasnt able to make this work. So i pulled back up to my knees and attempted to use the entire meadow as my foreground instead.

I think it worked out OK.

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