Ocracoke dredge spoils


This morning  I took the trip down to Ocracoke and launched my kayak out behind the dredge spoil beside the ferry docks. I had intended to just paddle out toward the “north point” of the island where I had seen an amazing number of cormorants, but upon paddling out, I noticed the dredge islands seemed to be much more productive.

The day beautiful, the winds calm, and some small rollers lifted my kayak I was made my way through the ferry channel.

Arriving at the island I immediately noticed a mature peregrine falcon perched on a dead wax myrtel and several thousand brown pelicans huddled up just around the corner. The low angle of the kayak offered a unique view of these birds, and allowed my to place them in a more prominent position in the frame. These are HUGE birds, and therefore this eye to eye angle really portrays this.




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