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You know its always about this time that I start really looking forward to warm weather again. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the winter. I love everything that comes with it – even the cold. But me, I have a fascination with all of the seasons and their unique intrinsic beauty. As the temperatures began to rise up to nearly 60 degrees today, Spring was on my mind. Nearly waste deep in water and mud in pursuit of wild horses for a photography workshop I found myself donning my waders and a short sleeved shirt. Maybe it was the sun shinning down upon us after days of overcast skies. Maybe it was the euphoria that overcomes us when exposed to that first warm day where the sunlight bathes you and everything else in its golden rays. Or most likely, it was the sudden production and explosion of serotonin in my body from exposure to warmth and sunlight. Either way, it made me come home and dig out a couple photographs from the Smoky Mountains.

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