Egret Rookeries

Its springtime again, and love is in the air. Like so many other wildlife photographers in the East, each year around this time I make my annual pilgrimage down south some the key bird rookeries in Florida. Palm trees, sunshine, ocean temperatures are already in the 70s, I guess there are quite a few reasons I go down to FL but my official excuse is the birds.  This upcoming issue of the Journal of Wildlife Photography (out in May) will be devoted entirely to photographing birds – specifically at rookeries. The opportunities are absolutely limitless at these sites. Close ups, intimates, portraits, courtship, nest building, birds in flight, you name it. Its all there. As I mentioned in my last post on here, I will be writing a full review and comparison of the the St. Augustine Alligator Farm and the Orlando Gaterland which has risen in much popularity over the last couple years with bird photographers. Also in the next issue with be a discussion of fill flash and the use of better beammer flash extenders as well.

Here a few teasers for you from the rookeries. . .

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