Jackson Hole – day 2

As forecasted, temperatures continued to fall throughout the night, and precipitation moved into the region in the form of snow. As to be expected, wildlife activity really jumped into gear with this new weather pattern.

Like a kid stuck in school, I set staring out the window all morning long as we hashed out details and logistics for this upcoming winter’s Yellowstone photography workshops by snowmobile. All day I watched as the snow continued to pile up and those romantic big fat flakes blanketed the world in white. Finally, with all the details set into stone, I was able to rush out of the cabin for a late afternoon shoot.

One of the classic images of this time of year are the golden leaves of aspens juxtoposed against snow capped mountains as fall snow storms in the higher elevations are a common occurrence. With the snow still coming down however, the mountains were socked with and sweeping landscapes were out of the question. Wildlife was abundant, and moose were out in force, but I had aspens on the brain and therefore bypassed several really great locations in order to head up into the Gross Ventre range for some intimate landscapes.

Aspens really must be one of the most beautiful trees in North America. There is just something about those stark white stems with contrasting black eyes and speckles that has always fascinated me. Couple this with the way that these trees often grow in dense groves, and you have a recipe for some really unique opportunities that allow for your creativity to run wild!

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