Wild Photo Adventures and Wyoming Grizzlies

bear-journalSo it’s been a minute since I have updates this here Photographer’s Journal. Busy summer to say the least. I kind of have this whole Johnny Cash thing going on in the back of my head. . . “Ive been everywhere man”

One of my recent projects was working on another episode of Wild Photo Adventures. We were actually supposed to do another wild horse show – though in Montana / Wyoming not North Carolina. However, due to permit weirdness this year we had to switch gears at literally the last minute. Faced with the decision to cancel a show, I decided that we could pull off an episode photographing grizzlies high up in the Absaroka Mountains of Wyoming.

I chose to focus on bears in this mountain range simply because it was NOT one of the national parks. That meant that we would be on our own. No people. No distractions. Fewer restrictions. So hopefully better photography.

Season 5 of Wild Photo Adventures airs this winter on PBS. So keep your eyes open for our show on photographing grizzlies in Wyoming.

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