Wyoming Wolves Protected Once Again


Yesterday on September 23, 2014 Wyoming wolves were once again brought under the protective folds of the Endangered Species Act. A judge overturned the 2012 ruling that gave Wyoming control over small population of wolves living in that state.

As soon as Wyoming obtain legal control over wolves, they were immediately listed as an animal that could be shot on sight or killed by whatever means necessary in 75% of the state. The remaining quarter which are those areas around the National Parks, a hunting season was established and tags were being sold for around $25.

This is tremendous news and comes about from so any people and organizations fighting tirelessly to stop Wyoming from erasing decades worth of hard work and millions in tax payer dollars that was spent to bring the wolf, and apex predator and crucial ingredient to the Rocky Mountains’ ecosystems back from extinction in that area.

For more information on this court decision check out: http://www.spokesman.com/blogs/outdoors/2014/sep/23/court-reinstates-endangered-status-wyoming-wolves/

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