Magazine Articles


Writing is a big part of what I do. My business is much more complex than just crawling through alligator infested swamps, climbing snow covered mountains, and floating down the Amazon river to create wildlife photographs. With a never ending thirst for knowledge, an obsession for understanding the minute details of the natural world, a life long love for writing, and a background in both biology and environmental history, I guess it’s something of an inevitability. My niche here is taking the complexities of science and cutting research, and deciphering it in such away so as to make it accessible, interesting, and maybe even entertaining for a general audience.

Recently I decided put a few of the articles that I have written for natural history magazines online. This list is only a very small sampling of articles and by no means a complete collection. Each article that I have put online is in the form of a PDF and only the text is included – not the magazine layout with photographs and the like. So if you want to get your nerdgasm on, check the new link at the top of the page entitled Writings, or just CLICK HERE.

As time permits, I will put more of these articles on the list here so if you like this sort of stuff, check back from time to time.


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