The Pink Meanie of Panama with the new(ish) Knekt 6″ Dome Port for the GoPro


Like all photographers, I love my toys. And like most of you, I too have a couple gopro cameras that I tote around with me to play with. While on a recent trip to Panama, I hooked up my new Knekt 6″ dome housing to my gopro and attached the whole thing on a scuba diving selfie stick. The dome port allows me to push the waterline away from the lens of the GoPro camera and photograph split level, or over / under, photos. We were out on a boat up in the mangroves photographing sloths, when we spotted this massive pink meanie jelly fish. Dangling over the side of the boat, I was able to reach out with the selfie stick (which I brought along for this very reason) and capture this shot with my GoPro.

Is the quality of this setup as good as something like my Nikon D5 or D800? Of course not. And you should not expect it to be. However, this does add a new tool into my line up of possibilities – especially when it is not feasible to lug underwater gear on a shoot, but I think I may want a few shots like this to add to the story.

You can check out the dome port I used here: http://www.knektusa.com/store/ksd6-dome-port

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