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Wildlife of Honduras

Honduras is one of Central America’s best kept secrets. And Pico Bonito National Park is the crown jewel of it all. On this wildlife photography workshop, we will base out of the Lodge at Pico Bonito, an ultra luxury jungle lodge that was ranked by National Geographic to be in the top five in the world.

Nestled at the base of 11,000 ft mountains in the lowland rain forest, we will have access to an extraordinary diversity of opportunities. Margays (the cat to the left) frequent the lodge hunting birds and monkeys, toucans nest in the surrounding forest, crocodiles bask along the banks of the Cuero y Salado. Honduras is home to nearly 50 different species of hummingbirds for which we will several key locations just to photograph them. We will search for red eyed tree frogs and glass frogs at night, take small boats up into the gallery forests in search of white faced capuchins (monkeys) and a host of different species of birds.

This wildlife photography workshop to Honduras will focus on tropical birds of the rainforest, hummingbirds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. From macro photography to big lens bird photography, this trip will have it all.

March is a cold and dreary month of the year in the United States and UK. Escape with us to the neotropics for a week!


Cost: $4000

Dates: March 11 – 17, 2018

Included: airport pickup and transfer to lodge, all ground transportation, all meals once we reach the lodge, and park passes, and lodging. 

Does not include: flights to Honduras, alcohol, souvenirs, and personal items

Fly into: San Pedro Sula International, Honduras (SAP)

Lodging: The Lodge at Pico Bonito

Skill Level: intermediate 

Physical Difficulty: moderate due to climate

What to Expect

  • personalized 1 on 1 instruction in the field
  • one on one midweek review of your images and photography
  • Lightroom and Photoshop instruction and personal workflow
  • Classroom discussion on tropical photography
  • blind group critique from the workshop
  • private Facebook group prior to and after the workshop for the purpose of discussion, photo sharing, and critiques of images one you have returned home
  • English speaking local guides and naturalists
  • First Class accommodations
  • All meals provided during the workshop
  • All transportation provided during the workshop
  • Opportunities for various species of hummingbirds, tropical birds, amphibians, reptiles, and tropical mammals.
  • 2 boat trips into Cuero y Salado Nature Reserve
  • 1 night photography session in search of tropical owls and amphibians 
  • Day 1
    • Fly into San Pedro Sula International Airport. We will all plan flights to arrive around the same time as the Lodge at Pico Bonito is a three hour drive from airport and we will only have one pick up opportunity. Details on flight times will be discussed upon registering.
    • Transfer to Lodge. Orientation. Dinner. Discussion on histograms and ISO – as it relates to rainforest photography. 
  • Day 2 – 6
    • Each morning we will either have an early breakfast before heading out into the forest, or will conduct an early morning shoot before breakfast, and return to the field immediately following. The decision to do one vs the other will be based upon weather, light, wildlife opportunities, and excursions scheduled for the day. 
    • We have three off site trips scheduled through the week and when each on will take place will be based upon Jared and the local guides discretion in relation to weather.
    • Two of these off site excurions will be boat trips inside of the Cuero y Salado reserve in search of crocodiles, northern Jacana, various species of monkeys, and a host of different species of tropical birds. There will be an opportunity for cultural photography here as well. 
    • One day we will also visit the Rio Santiago Lodge specifically for hummingbirds and various species not immediately accessible at Pico Bonito. 
    • An evening excursion is scheduled to hunt for amphibians such as the red eyed tree frog and glass frogs, as well as various species of tropical owls in Pico Bonito National Park. 
    • We will spend a session photographing at the Lodges private serpentarium where we our guide will wrangle various species of snakes for us to do set-up shoots. 
    • When not specifically off site, there will be plenty of opportunities throughout the week to photograph the various species of bird around the lodge such as aracari, orapendulas, hummingbirds, red capped manakins, etc.
    • The last night at the lodge, we will have a blind group critique of everyone’s images from the workshop. This is an incredible learning opportunity for everyone which will allow us to discuss the full range of photographic skills from exposure and composition to Photoshop and Lightroom techniques.
  • Day 7
    • Transfers back to San Pedro Sula International Airport from the Lodge.  

What kind of lenses do I need for this workshop?

Given the diversity of the workshop, you will need a few different types of lenses. First and foremost, it will be important for you to bring a long telephoto lens. We highly recommend you have a lens that will reach at least 500mm. 

This does not mean that you need to have a 500mm f/4 lens. There are plenty of lenses these days that reach this length such a Sigma and Tamron 150-600 as examples. 

You will also need a macro lens in the 100 – 200mm range. This could be a 100 / 105, 150, 180, or 200. 

A general purpose zoom lens will also be very helpful on this workshop such as a 24 – 70mm or a 24 -105. 

If you do not have some of this equipment, do not dispare. Also, please do not feel the need to run out and buy this equipment either. We highly reccommend renting equipment for workshops instead of purchasing. We maintain relationships and discount codes with both www.lensrentals.com and www.borrowlenses.com 

Please let us know if you would like to rent equipment for this trip and once you have signed up, we can supply you with those discount codes. 

If you have questions about the gear suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email. 

Do I need to bring a flash for this workshop?

Flash photograph is very important when working inside of the rainforest. Do you need to have a good functioning knowledge of how to use flash? No. But you do need to bring at least one flash with you. 

The use of flash will be a large part of the instruction on this workshop. From using flash for bird photography to macro photography, expect to come away from this workshop with a very solid understanding of how to properly use flash in your nature photography. 

How safe is it to travel to Honduras?

Honduras, like much of Central America, has its problems. However, safety concerns here are not unlike those of more popular travel destinations such as Costa Rica. 

Petty theft is the largest problem for tourists to the region. But this is easily avoided by simply not leaving your belongings laying around when off of the lodge’s property. 

We will be working together and traveling together as a group with local guides for the entire duration of our trip. As always, there is safety in numbers.

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