Gear Head: Really Right Stuff’s Fluid Gimbal Review


In today’s world of digital photography, the line between still photography and video is becoming increasingly blurred. Every DSLR camera in production since 2012 comes equipped with video capability, making it all the more enticing for photographers to begin dabbling in the world of video. For us wildlife folks, however, there has always been one gigantic obstacle: a tripod head. 

Photographer’s and videographers have very different needs when it comes to handling long lenses. In the world of still photography, there really isn’t a better tripod head than a gimbal. But when it comes to moving pictures, there is simply no substitute to a fluid head. And this is exactly where Really Right Stuff has stepped in to combine these two pieces of equipment into one. 

Really Right Stuff sent me a copy of their fluid gimbal head to play with for a few months and have had the opportunity to drag it all over North America in that time frame. Check out the video for my in depth review of this ground breaking piece of equipment. 

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