Remove Noise in Lightroom like a Pro

Noise is a fact of life in the world of wildlife photography. With our need to shoot fast and in low light, inevitably we find ourselves battling with noise as a result. There is much that can be done to minimize and even eliminate noise all together when you are behind the camera, but what about once you are behind the computer? All the suggestions in the world about how to properly expose to eliminate noise will not do you a bit of good AFTER the photo was taken. And so, in this video I show you what I consider to be the best method out there for removing noise from photographs. 

I don’t use plugins for this sort of stuff. I have tried many of those over the years and today I firmly believe that Lightroom’s noise reduction potential is amongst the very best as long as you use THIS SPECIFIC TECHNIQUE! 

Check out the video to learn how to remove noise in Lightroom like a pro!

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