Wild Florida Video | the Photographers Journal

Wildlife photography along the Gulf Coast of Florida is an excersise in superlatives. This is a landscape of deep beauty and mystery. Ancient live oaks drip with Spanish moss amidst sable and cabbage palms. There are places here that still hold the same look and feel and species that conquestadors saw when they first step foot on this sandy loam.

Then there are the birds. My god, the birds.

I spent two weeks in Florida at the begining of April. One of which was to lead my annual bird photography workshop there. The other was to explore and photograph and film. This video is the culmination of the latter. Florida sandhill cranes, Osceola turkey, barred owls, whitetail deeer, alligators, and so much more. Check out the video and join the adventure!

I live on the doorstep of Yellowstone National Park. I travel to far flung places range from Alaska to the Amazon. And still, the Gulf Coast of Florida is one of my absolute favorite places in the world to photograph in the spring.


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