Searching for Pegasus

Along the border of Montana and Wyoming lives a herd of wild horses unlike any other in North America. Their’s is a world that towers above the surrounding landscape high amongst the clouds. Known as the Pryor Mountains, the geology here makes up what’s known as an island in the sky.

The horses themselves trace their ancestry back to the Lewis and Clark expedition, when Seargent Pryor was tasked with transporting the Corps of Discovery’s horses back to Fort Manden after their successful return to what is now Great Falls, Montana.

East of today’s Yellowstone National Park, the party was raiding in the middle of the night by members of the Crow Nation. The majority of the horses were stollen, but many escaped amongst the chaos and took refuge in what the Crow knew as the Arrowhead Mountains – today the Pryors.

Join me on this off-road adventure as I travel high into the mountains in search of these horses to photograph.

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