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Honduras, 2013. For nearly a week, I had been in search of crocodiles to photograph. But as luck would have it, a cold front had moved across the region sending these holdovers from the age of dinosaurs into their watery haunts where temperatures remained steady. And day after day, I found myself either crammed into a small native boat or slogging thigh deep in black water – much to my guides chagrin. All to no avail. 

After days of fruitless searching, the front pushed out to sea, the clouds broke, and sun came burning down on the rainforest as only can be experienced in the tropics. 


My Honduran guide had explained that this area held hundreds of large crocodiles. And when I clambered out of the boat into the water to photograph proboscis bats, and northern jacanas as I passed my time until the front moved out, he panicked and yelled strings of words in Spanish that I did not understand at the time. The only thing I understood was “loco, loco, loco.” 

On the day the clouds parted and the life giving warmth of the sun returned to the river, I finally understood my guides reaction to me as countless crocodiles began to emerge out of nowhere.  I had quite literally been wading through the water with these giant reptiles all around me.