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A Master Class in Photography

Are you ready to take your photography to the next level? The Photographer’s Journal was created to help you do just that. We bring subscribers workshop level education through in-depth articles, exclusive video how-to’s, and annual field workshops that are free of charge to readers. You will not find this level of commitment to being the #1 resource in wildlife photography anywhere else. 

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Annual Subscription

With an annual subscription, not only do you receive the coming year’s issues of the Photographer’s Journal, you also get access to all of the back issues, exclusive video content, and you are automatically registered to win a spot on our exclusive field workshops that we offer free of charge to subscribers. Annual Subscriptions are set up to auto-renew. 

Annual Subscription

Lifetime Membership

With a lifetime membership to the Photographer’s Journal, you pay one flat fee and never have to worry about a payment again. You receive all of the same benefits as annual subscribers, including access to all back issues, exclusive videos, and the opportunity to join us on exclusive field workshops for free. Pay once and you are a member for life! 

Lifetime Membership

the Journal

At the heart of a subscription or lifetime membership is the Photographer’s Journal itself. Each issue is a master class in photography designed to give you the tools and knowledge to take your photography beyond what you thought was possible. 


We are producing exclusive video content for readers of the Photographer’s Journal. These cover everything from Lightroom and Photoshop to field craft. Everyone has different learning styles. And to truly help you take your photography to a whole new level, we are creating a multimedia approach to education. 


Each year, we host field workshops exclusively for our members – 100% free of charge. These small group workshops are offered in different locations each year and current subscribers and lifetime members are automatically registered to win a spot on these trips. Each year we randomly select subscribers to join us on an incredible opportunity to learn first hand in the field with Jared Lloyd.  

Back Issues

With a subscription to the Photographer’s Journal, you receive access to everything we have published. There is no reason to buy back issues. From the very first issue, to the most current – you get them all!

Free Content

Color is one of the most important aspects of, well, color photography. Yet, ironically, this is one aspect of the post-processing workflow that is all too often overlooked or misunderstood. In this exclusive how-to video, I will show you how to master the color once and for all with the use of the HSL Panel in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw. Understanding how to properly use Hue, Saturation, and Luminance is a critical part of the process when it comes to editing our photographs. 

“This is basically one heck of a workshop for the price!” – Neil Jernigan 

“I really enjoy your articles. They inspire me to get out and shoot more.” – Joe Catterino

“I love all the journals and especially your videos, you have a wonderful way of of teaching.” – Jessica Farren

“love the journals, the content is super!” – Connie Gill-Straubhaar

In the good old days, the name Journal meant something. That’s why we still use phrases like academic journal when referring to a publication of the highest scholarly merit. A journal is long form. Its purpose is information. It’s serious business. Magazines are different. Articles are short, and the purpose is entertainment.

When we decided to name this publication the Photographer’s Journal, the decision was not made lightly. We set out to create something truly unique in the world of nature photography. Something that is completely different from any other publication on the market today.


Our mission in creating publishing the Photographer’s Journal is quite simple. First and foremost, we want to bring readers in-depth workshop level education that goes beyond everything we have all come to expect from photography magazines. And second, we wanted to create a publication that finally published articles we actually wanted to read ourselves. From field craft to post-processing, this is for photographers who want substance, who want to expand their knowledge and understanding. No fluff. No filler. No advertisements. Each issue is a master class in photography.

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Remember, a subscription to the Photographer’s Journal includes all back issues!