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A Master Class in Photography

The Journal of Wildlife Photography was created to bring you workshop level education. Published quarterly, the Journal itself is supplemented by both weekly articles on wildlife photography and monthly how-to videos. And let’s not forget about the free workshops exclusively for members.

The Journal of Wildlife Photography will help you become a better photographer. Not everyone has the opportunity to be in the field every day learning the ropes through trial and error. Your time in the outdoors is valuable and you want to make the most of your shoots. The Journal of Wildlife Photography teaches you the skills necessary to do just that. This is a fast track to taking your photography to the next level. 

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“The Journal is amazing. Each issue has tons of useful and practical information that has really helped my photography.” – Scott Suriano

“Really changed the way I think about photography” – Chris Walker

The Journal

At the heart of membership is the Journal itself. Designed to bring you the very best articles and education on the market today, each issue is a master class in wildlife photography. The Journal will make you a better photographer, guaranteed. 


We are producing exclusive video content for the readers of the Photographer’s Journal covering everything from Lightroom and Photoshop to field craft. Everyone has different learning styles. To help you take your photography to a whole new level, we are creating a multimedia approach to wildlife photography education


From field workshops exclusively for our members, to seminars by our authors, we are so much more than just a journal. 

Back Issues

Visual Explorers and Lifetime Members receive access to everything we have published. There is no reason to buy back issues. From the very first issue, to the most current – you get them all

Annual Subscription


1 years subscription to the Journal of Wildlife Photography

Weekly wildlife photography tips in your inbox

Visual Explorer


1 years subscription to the Journal of Wildlife Photography

Access to every back issue ever published

Exclusive how-to videos produced monthly

Weekly wildlife photography tips in your inbox

Automatically registered to win a spot on our workshop

Lifetime Membership


Lifetime access to the Journal of Wildlife Photography. Pay once and never have to think about it again

All of the benefits of the Visual Explorer for a onetime payment. 

Free Workshop to Yellowstone

Do you want to spend 10 days in the field with me photographing Yellowstone this winter – FOR FREE? Bobcats, wolves, red foxes, frosty bison, and bighorn sheep all set to the backdrop of a winter wonderland. 

On October 1st, 2019, I will choose a subscriber of the Journal of Wildlife Photography who will join me on this once in a lifetime opportunity. All levels of subscriptions and memberships are eligible. 

Each year we draw names of subscribers and members of the Journal of Wildlife Photography to join us on workshops completely free of charge all over the world. How’s that for commitment to being the #1 wildlife photography resource?