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  • Lifetime access to the Photographer’s Journal
  • Pay once and never think about it again
  • Automatically registered to win free subscriber’s only workshops
  • All the benefits of Visual Explorer for life, but with a one time payment

When you look at the benefits of the Photographer’s Journal such as the weekly wildlife photography articles, the monthly videos, the Journal itself, and the opportunity to join us in the field each year on exclusive workshops hosted just for members, it’s not hard to see how that a one time fee make sense. 

Given the average price of a workshop today, compared to years worth information and education being delivered to you regularly, the price of the Lifetime Membership is a huge investment in yourself for so little. 

“I love all the journals and especially your videos, you have a wonderful way of of teaching.” Jessica Farren

“love the journals, the content is super!”Connie Gill-Straubhaar