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  • 1 year subscription to the Journal of Wildlife Photography
  • Monthly videos that cover the entire spectrum of wildlife photography
  • Access to all the back issues
  • Weekly wildlife photography articles delivered to your inbox
  • Automatic registration for our free exclusive subscriber only workshops

Do you take your photography serious? This is for photographer’s who are ready to invest in themselves. Becoming a Visual Explorer is more than just a subscription to the Journal of Wildlife Photography. This is a membership into an exclusive community of wildlife photographers from around the world. From the Journal itself to monthly how-to videos, all the back issues we have published, and weekly wildlife photography tips, Visual Explorers are photographers are are truly dedicated to taking their photography to the next level.

Visual Explorer status is designed to bring you a whole different level of wildlife photography education delivered in tiers. You receive weekly wildlife photography articles, monthly how-to videos, the quarterly Journal, and free opportunities to join us in the field for hands on workshops. 

“This is essentially one heck of a workshop!” – Neil Jernigan, professional wildlife photographer