Sometimes my subjects get too close. Red-eyed tree frog, Honduras. 

I am a photographer with a passion for wildlife. More specifically, I am a professional wildlife photographer, environmental photojournalist, outdoor educator, workshop leader, and human currently based on planet Earth. 

At the heart of all things in my artwork is conservation. Through art, we connect with the world in ways that only the poets are able to put into words.

With art we transcend the boundaries of species and we relate, connect, understand, an experience the natural world and wildlife for what it truly is. Though I have been an artist as long as I can remember, I long ago chose to harness my creativity for something greater than myself. It is for this reason that my purpose is to not only share intimate moments of nature, but help educate on what exactly is at stake with the loss of species, habitat, and biodiversity through my art.

On a more formal note, my work is widely published in magazines, newspapers, trade journals, guide books, academic publications,  and other media both in print and digital around the world. 

My style of photography is that of fine art, and my work can be found hanging in boardrooms and living rooms on every habitable continent. 

Going beyond still photography, I have worked with the BBC on the three part documentary, Atlantic: The Wildest Ocean on Earth. 

I am also an environmental journalist and have published hundreds articles on natural history and conservation in various magazines since 2005. 

And in 2017, I created the Journal of Wildlife Photography to weave together workshop level education and environmental education for wildlife photographers around the world.