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Battle Ridge

Welcome to the Bridger Mountains – one of my favorite places in Southwest Montana. Climbing up a rocky and rutted dirt forest service road that is more suitable for high clerence 4×4 vehicles than cars, […]


Explosions of Fall Color

Its simply impossible to escape the Tetons and Jackson Hole this time of year without being mesmerized by the explosion of colors across the landscape. From the reds of mountain maples to the orange of […]


Hidden Landscapes in the Tetons

The weather has been an absolute horror these last few days in Jackson Hole. Rain, rain, and then more rain. This morning we had a little change with a touch of snow, but not enough […]


Bodie Island Bliss

So if anyone was driving south down hwy 12 on the Outer Banks past the Bodie Island Lighthouse and saw some strange guy standing on the roof of a truck back in the early part […]


The Photographer’s Guide to the Outer Banks

Well its finally going to happen! The Photographer’s Guide to the Outer Banks will officially be released on 1/24/14. This book has been a couple years in the making. Thanks to hurricane Irene, and then […]


A Place of Power

Last night I decided to take the drive out of Jackson Hole and into the high desert that lies to the east. Winding my way up an endlessly long dirt road, kicking up dust, and […]


The Wave

I’m held up in a hotel on the Outer Banks right now. Rain is coming down, the wind is howling, the surf outside my window is thundering on to the beach. That means I have […]


Hatteras Scouting Trip

Last night I spent most of the evening tromping around Cape Hatteras National Seashore in search of locations that I will be bringing my workshop to in a couple weeks for a night photography session. […]


What does Guns N Roses and Nature Photography Have in Common?

Over the last few years I cannot even begin to tell you just how many times that I have been asked what someone can do to immediately improve their photography. Deep down, I have always […]


Night Photography – bring on the stars

Since releasing this image to the public I have had countless emails in regards to how I created this photograph. Obviously I needed a long exposure in order to capture the stars, color, and detail […]


The Evolution of a Photograph

I am one of those people that believe there is a big difference between “taking pics” and making photographs. This is one of the first steps towards mastering the art of photography. Once you cross […]


High Key Black and White on Rainy Days

Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches when it comes to weather. The morning that I made these images, I had originally planned on heading out to photograph snow geese. The forecast the […]


Have Shells Will Travel

In my last journal entry here, I commented on how that East Coast beaches present a distinct challenge in landscape photography do to the lack of dramatic or dynamic foreground elements. Compared to the rugged […]


The Motion of the Ocean

The morning began at 4:30 am and a quick dash out the door and onto the beach. The original plan was to photograph the Quandrantid meteor shower for which I dragged my infinitely patient wife […]


Corolla Sunrise

First off, let me just say that for everyone that does not know this already, the word Corolla when in reference to the town on the Outer Banks is pronounced Kuh-rah-la! This is not a […]


High Pressure and Predawn Colors

This morning was cold. Really it was the first truly cold morning that we have had this season with temps at 30 degrees as I drove down the beach at 4:45 am. The Outer Banks […]


Dune Fields and Earthscapes

I find it ironic that there is little more than a simple latch that holds the Cessna’s door shut, as our plane begins to gain speed on the runway. Racing down the strip of pavement, […]


Cover Shot

Check out the September issue of Wildlife in North Carolina magazine. I have a feature article in there on barrier island migration as well as one of my images on the front cover.  I will […]