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In the Forest with the Endangered Red-Cockaded Woodpecker

I’m sitting in the most comfortable “blind” I have ever used. At the moment, the temperature is in the upper 60s, a light wind blows through the forest out of the northeast, and the glow […]


Searching for Bighorns in Wyoming

Last November I spent a month in Wyoming’s Wind River range photographing wildlife. The prime directive of this trip was bighorn sheep. With an especially warm autumn, the sheep were late to the party. However, […]


Lilliputians in the land of Giants

When it comes to photographing this poison frogs in the Panamanian rainforest, I like to get eye to eye with my subject. This lets me enter into their world. It makes them leap out of […]


The Lovely Poison Dart Frog

The Lovely Poison Frog – yes that is its real name! A.K.A: Phyllobates lugubris Look closely at its back. That is a tadpole right there. The males of the species stand guard over the eggs that […]


Poison Dart Frog – Bastimentos Red

Based out of the Boca del Toro region of Panama, I spent the last week finding and photographing poison dart frogs, sloths, tropical birds, and tropicbirds (this last one is an actual species). The islands […]


Wild Photo Adventures and Wyoming Grizzlies

So it’s been a minute since I have updates this here Photographer’s Journal. Busy summer to say the least. I kind of have this whole Johnny Cash thing going on in the back of my […]


Another Episode of Wild Photo Adventures

If you ever have the opportunity to work with a film crew, jump on it! It’s a lot of fun. Its a lot of work, but its also a lot of fun. A few days […]


The Great Pileated Woodpecker Oddyssey

The adventure begins! When it comes to doing stories for magazines, you pretty much have two basic types as a photographer: 1. The kind you already have all the images for and you base a […]


Dune Fields and Earthscapes

I find it ironic that there is little more than a simple latch that holds the Cessna’s door shut, as our plane begins to gain speed on the runway. Racing down the strip of pavement, […]


Poccosin Lakes and Wild Photo Adventures

I was out with Doug Gardner and David Reagan at Poccosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge this past week working on another episode of Wild Photo Adventures. Now that the show is in High Definition and […]


Cover Shot

Check out the September issue of Wildlife in North Carolina magazine. I have a feature article in there on barrier island migration as well as one of my images on the front cover.  I will […]


Red Fox and Sand Dunes

Over the course of the last week I have going pretty much non stop. Doug Gardner was in town with the film crew for Wild Photo Adventures and we were shooting an episode for season […]