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The Owl and the Fawn

I want to tell you a story that will help improve your wildlife photography. . . It was the Saturday before Easter, and to escape the crowds of people in a favorite park of mine, […]


Using Flash Changes Everything

Flash should be a basic part of every nature photographer’s kit. It doesn’t matter if you are a wildlife photography, landscape photographer, or a dedicated macro photography. Flash is one of the most important tools […]


Gear Head: Really Right Stuff’s Fluid Gimbal Review

  In today’s world of digital photography, the line between still photography and video is becoming increasingly blurred. Every DSLR camera in production since 2012 comes equipped with video capability, making it all the more […]


of wolves and bears

Early morning on the banks of the Cook Inlet with wolves and bears. Both of these species come down and share space when the salmon are running. Little attention is paid to one another as […]


Getting High in the Gallatins

OK. I admit it. The title is a bit provocative. However, it’s not exactly wrong. Launching my Phantom 4 into the skies above Hyalite Reservoir, I wanted to climb above a heavy fog that had […]


Yellowheaded Blackbirds

After finishing up my workshops in Jackson Hole, I decided I needed a morning of in a cattail marsh all to myself. Watching the world come alive in a freshwater marsh is good for the […]


Egret in Black II

Since I first released this photograph, I have fielded quite a few requests for information on how I created this image. Is it heavily photoshoped? Did I add the background? How on Earth did you […]


Egret in Black

Last month I stopped by the egret rookery in St. Augustine Florida for a morning while on my way down to Sarasota for my Florida Bird Photography Workshop. As is typically the case this time […]


Wildlife Tracking skills for Serious Photographers

I am very pleased to announce that this coming year we are going to be adding something new to our Tetons and Yellowstone photography workshops. There are two books that I view to be absolute […]


Shoot this Now: Rookeries II

Each and every scenario in nature photography has its own nuances and challenges that it will throw at you the photographer. Some are completely random of course, whereas others are fully predictable. Rookeries are no […]


Shoot This Now: Woodpeckers II

Building upon my last post about finding woodpeckers to photograph in the Spring, I decided to take my somewhat long post and shorten things down into something a little more bite sized.  So below you […]


We are giving back

There is a story passed down among generations of the Oneida band of Iroquois about a time when their people had inadvertently relocated their village close to a wolf den. Due to the trespass, the […]


Nikon D610 Review – Part II

After spending just over a month of shooting with this camera body in Yellowstone for the winter I can honestly say that I am impressed with certain aspects of this little camera. First and foremost […]


Winter in Yellowstone Workshops 2014

This year we set up two different winter in Yellowstone workshops. One of these was all about the wildlife. The other, a combination of wildlife and landscapes. For the wildlife, we brought Doug Gardner on […]


Newsletters suck. I sign up for tons of things being promised the world and what do I get? Nothing but another sales pitch. Now, I understand that newsletters are in a sense, a marketing tool. […]


Making it sexy

ISO 500 | F/7.1 | 1/80 | Aperture Priority | +2/3  OK, so your in the Galapagos islands and you find yourself confronted with a problem. Here are all of these unique species, you know, the ones […]


Hatteras Light and Milky Way

I really feel that not all lighthouses are created equally in terms of photography. So much of this depends upon the surrounding landscape and what you can do creatively to compose a unique shot of […]


Wildlife Photography Boot Camp!

OK folks, so here it is – one of the most encompassing skills intensive wildlife photography workshops out there. I have thrown around the idea of offering something like this for a while now and […]


Store Payment Options

I have removed the Google Checkout payment option from the online store as Google require that you sign up for an account before you can use this service. The two options now available are for […]


Outer Banks Wild Calendars – Pre Order

Ok folks, here they are. . . the 2011 Outer Bank Wild Calendars. I am accepting pre-orders at the moment on these things now. They should be ready to ship within a weeks time. Below […]