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Honduras, 2013. I had spent three days searching for crocodiles in Honduras, but to no avail. A cold front swept through the region just as I was landing in San Pedro Sula, and despite the native Mayan assuring me that this river was full of cocodrillo, my efforts were fruitless. For three days I past my time working the Cuero y Salado refuge by small boat, photographing monkeys, wading in the water to photograph birds, and for three days no crocodiles. 

And then, everything changed. The clouds parted, the tropical sun returned. And in moments, hundreds of crocodiles could be found hauling themselves out of the water to bask in the sun. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. In precisely the same locations I had waded through the water just the day before, crocodiles 10 feet in length were hauled out sunning themselves. 

Hanging off the bow of the small boat, I composed this photograph while my Honduran guide begged me to get back in. Spanish is not my native language, but I understood the intention as he continually repeated the word loco

Cocodrillo is a Limited Edition of only 25 prints per size.