Guiding Lights

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Our ancestors were afforded a view of the night sky wholly different from what we see today. When they looked up into the heavens at night, they saw not just the twinkling of stars, but instead a brilliant tapestry of art and constellations, gods and goddesses, signposts and navigational aids. The knowledge of those stars connected people through time and space back again to their ancestors. 

Along the coast of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the creation of a string of lighthouses became beacons in the night, guiding sailors as they plied the waters of what we would come to call the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Lighthouses were more than just beams of light to these mariners. They were beacons of hope; guiding lights that kept them safe and helped steer them away from danger. 

Standing before these two most important guiding lights in the night sky along the coast of North Carolina, allows one to again experience that thread that transcends time and culture and place and allows us to connect with the magic and mystery of the world and the night sky in a way that is fading all to quickly in our society. 

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