Morning Reflections

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There are places where the whole of the universe comes together to create awe and wonder in the minds of mortals. Sunrise at this quiet beaver pond in Grand Tetons National Park is one such place. 

In the spring of the year, when life again returns to the valley floor, when bison are calving, and and wildflowers are opening their buds, and the world begins to explode with life, the Teton Range remains a world apart. Reaching nearly 14,000 feet, winter’s grip hangs on to these mountains, where glaciers can still be found, well into summer. And it is at this time of the year that we can experience the verdant hues of spring in the valley juxtaposed with the a world still locked in the ice age up high. 

Like Yin and Yang, these opposing worlds come together creating balance here. And at the edge of these still waters, where heaven and earth become one, we find peace. 

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