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Writing is a significant part of what I do. With a background in biology and environmental history, I am uniquely at home with deciphering and writing about the most complicated aspects of natural science for a general audience.

Below, you will find a small sample of articles on natural history that I have published. This is by no means a complete collection.

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Terra Incognito. Wyoming Wildlife. October 2015

The ways in which animals utilize the Earth’s magnetic field to migrate across both continents and ocean basins is a scientific rabbit hole that researchers continue to uncover extraordinary aspects of. 

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The State of Predators. Coastal Review Online. August 21, 2015

A slew of shark attacks along the North Carolina coast sparked a national media feeding frenzy with wild accusations unburdened by the truth throughout the summer of 2015. One critical fact was left out of the conversation, the fact that nearly every species of great shark in the Atlantic is teetering on the edge of extinction right now causing a ripple effect throughout our coastal ecosystems that we have already begun to see. 

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Shifting Sands: The Nature of Island Migration. Wildlife in North Carolina. September 2010

Like all barrier islands on Earth, the Outer Banks that unfurl like a long ribbon of sand down the coast of North Carolina are marching westward. With the passing of each storm and the steady rise of sea levels, these barrier islands migrate in response to such powerful forces. 

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Visitors from the North. Wildlife in North Carolina. Nov / Dec 2012

Unknown to most, for a little more than a decade, each winter brings a scattered population of seals to the coast of North Carolina. Scientists are baffled as to what is driving this new trend. 

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A Whale of a Turtle. Wildlife in North Carolina. June 2011

In the world of oceanic reptiles, there are sea turtles, and then there are leatherback sea turtles. Wrapped in a blanket of superlatives such as: largest, deepest diving, farthest traveled,  strangest chemistry, and most endangered, this truly unique  prehistoric sea monster is making a comeback along the coast of North Carolina. 

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Animal Magnetism. Wildlife in North Carolina. Sept / Oct 2012

Migration is one of the greatest and least understood phenomenons in the world. New research however is beginning to shine light on how that animals the world over are able to tap into the Earth’s magnetic field as a natural GPS to help orient themselves as they cross entire ocean basins and traverse hemispheres. 

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Selected Publications


Losing Ground. Summer 2017. American Forests

Collective Amnesia on Bag Ban. 4/11/2017. Coastal Review Online

America’s Bird of Paradise. April, 2017. Wild Planet

Rogues’s Harbor. 3/24/2017. Coastal Review Online

Winter Survival in Yellowstone. February, 2017. Wild Planet


Photographing the Great Grey Ghost. December 2016. Wild Planet

Walking in Rachel Carson’s Footsteps, pt II. 12/22/2015. Coastal Review Online

Walking in Rachel Carson’s Footsteps, pt I. 12/21/2015. Coastal Review Online

Rutting in the Rockies. November, 2016. Wild Planet

Of Bears and Berries. October, 2016. Wild Planet

Into the Shadows. Guest Editor. August, 2016. Wild Planet

Avian Adventures in Yellowstone. July, 2016. Wild Planet

The Ocean: Calming a Stormy Mind. 06/17/2016. Coastal Review Online

A Hurricane and the Treasure Fleet. 05/16/2016. Coastal Review Online

Ecological Engineers. May / June, 2016. Wildlife in North Carolina

A Wake Up Call. May, 2016. Wild Planet

Man made Problem Led Wolves to Kill Elk. April 18, 2016. Casper Star Tribune

The Gulf Stream and the Age of Exploration. 04/01/2016. Coastal Review Online

Fort Macon and Elliott Coues. 02/16/2016. Coastal Review Online

Stalking in the Snow. January, 2016. Wild Planet

Winter Survival: How the bitter cold has shaped Wyoming’s Wildlife. January, 2016. Wyoming Wildlife Magazine



Terra Incognito. October, 2015. Wyoming Wildlife Magazine

Death in Yellowstone. September, 2015. Wild Planet

The State of Predators. 08/21/2015. Coastal Review Online

In the Heat of Summer. August, 2015. Wild Planet

The Rhythms of Life. June, 2015. Wild Planet

Carolina Plague. 5/22/2015. Coastal Review Online

Salt: The Coast’s Great Equalizer. 04/20/2015. Coastal Review Online

Return of the Sandhill Cranes. April, 2015. Wild Planet

Seal’s Appearance is a Puzzle. 02/19/2015. Coastal Review Online


Sand Waves: Juggernauts of the Outer Banks. 12/16/2014. Coastal Review Online

The Yaupon Holly Tradition. 11/26/2014. Coastal Review Online


Animal Magnetism. Sept / Oct 2012. Wildlife in North Carolina

Visitors From the North. Nov / Dec 2012. Wildlife in North Carolina


A Whale of a Turtle. June, 2011. Wildlife in North Carolina


Shifting Sands. September 2010. Wildlife in North Carolina


Birds on the Wing. June 2009. Wildlife in North Carolina


Dispelling the Myths. July 2008. Our State