Of all the things one can do to grow as a photographer, a professional portfolio review is unquestionably the most invaluable step you can take. It can be terribly difficult to objectively critique your own work and understand where your true strengths and weaknesses lie. A portfolio review is like a personal mentorship, and one in which you will learn more about your own photography than you would discover in a decade of trying to do this on your own. 

Our portfolio reviews last 90 minutes and are custom tailored to cover the entire gamut of wildlife photography as it relates to you and your needs as a photographer. Whether you are just beginning your journey as a photographer, feel as though you have reached a plateau with your work, or have aspirations of going professional, this experience will unquestionably help you take your photography to a new level. 

Maybe the best way of looking at this is a portfolio review of this sort is like a custom workshop built specifically to address and support your needs as a photographer. 


Jared Lloyd has been a working professional wildlife and conservation photographer for nearly two decades. He is the founder and senior editor of the Journal of Wildlife Photography, has worked with the likes of National Geographic and the BBC, and has been in the business of leading field workshops for over ten years.

Although Jared has worked within the magazine market for much of his career, his style of photography is best viewed as Fine Art. 


Annalise Kaylor is a documentary photojournalist and video producer whose assignments have taken her to 39 countries around the world. Her work has appeared in publications including The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Marriott Traveller Magazine, and on NBC, CNN, and PBS, among others. In addition to being an Audubon Master Birder, Annalise’s professional work focuses on conservation photography and creating visual stories that drive change.

Portfolio review with Jared Lloyd: $500

Portfolio Review with Annalise Kaylor: $275

What to Expect

When you participate in one of our portfolio reviews, you will be asked to submit 20 of you best images via Dropbox before your session. Depending on who you chose to book with, Jared or Annalise will then discuss with you what your goals are as a photographer and how you hope to grow before taking a deep dive analysis of each of your images with you in a video call. The image review process will be similar to an image critique so that you get honest feedback about your work. However, this will also serve to give us a big picture perspective of where you stand as a photographer, what you are doing right, and most importantly, what you need to do in order to improve.

Do you need to stop worrying about your technical expertise and instead invest yourself in creative composition? Light is the foundation of photography, yet it is often the most overlooked aspect to the craft when it comes to progressing. In today’s digital world, post-processing is a major part of the equation. Often, the difference that people see between their photos and another’s lies within understanding how to use tools like Lightroom and Photoshop to bring out a photographs full potential. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. And we will use your 20 images to help you build a blueprint for taking your photography to the next level.