Outer Banks Wild Photography Workshop

The Outer Banks unfurl like a ribbon of sand off the coast of North Carolina.  Standing as the only barrier between the mainland and Poseidon’s wrath, these barrier islands were once the most treacherous stretch of coastline in the Western Atlantic. Some two thousand shipwrecks now rest beneath the waves here as a testimony to this fact. Today, 5 different lighthouses stand as reminders of this dark and storied past. Each are operational and continue to stand sentinel over this coast as sailors the world over still rely upon the beams of light cast out across the stormy seas for navigation. 

In this workshop, we will photograph these lighthouses not only by day, but more importantly, as they were truly meant to be seen at night. But this workshop is not limited to just lighthouse photography. Sunrises and sunsets along this coast are the stuff of legend, and you will learn how to master both light and long exposures to create stunning seascapes that capture the brilliance of these islands. 

And then there is the motion. Where land meets sea, the world is in a constant state of flux. This fact is not limited to the geographical however, but also compasses the bird life that utilizes these islands as a stop over point as they undergo their great migrations. This workshop is also timed to take full advantage of the epic fall migration of birds that fill the skies this time of year. 

If you are looking for a workshop that is both landscape and wildlife, that moves beyond the basics of photography and focuses on mastering the artistic and creative aspects of the craft, that is subject rich, action packed, and filled with both field sessions and classroom sessions, the this workshop is for you. 

Workshop Details

Dates: November 5 – 11

Price: $2500

Lodging: Lodging is provided on this workshop and price is based on double occupancy. Limited single supplements may be available for an additional price. 

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced

Physical Difficulty: Easy to Moderate (working in sand and water)

Location: Outer Banks of North Carolina

Nearest Airport: Norfolk, Virginia (ORF)

Transportation: Transportation is included on the Outer Banks during the workshop.

Not Included: meals, travel to the Outer Banks

What to Expect

This workshop will strive to combine wildlife photography, landscapes, night photography, and Photoshop / Lightroom sessions. You can expect a well rounded approach to photographing all things Outer Banks. Some of the highlights will include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Lighthouses at night
  • Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets 
  • Long exposure seascapes 
  • Cultural opportunities
  • shorebirds
  • wild horses
  • Lightroom and Photoshop workflow 
  • One on one image critiques 
  • A group blind critique at the end of the workshop
  • 5 full days of photography 
  • One heck of a good time!

Day 1: Fly into Norfolk International Airport (ORF) in Virginia and drive down to Outer Banks. This is roughly a 1.5 hour drive. 

Day 2 – 5: Morning and Afternoon field sessions each day. Classroom sessions will be held in the middle of the day. Lighthouses at night. 

Day 6: A morning session much like the previous days, but then ending with a pizza party and group critique of images. The blind group critique will cover nearly every aspect of photography and is definitely something you will not want to miss. 

Day 7: Return to Norfolk to fly out or begin driving home

What sort of lenses will I need for this trip?

Given that this workshop will cover both landscape and wildlife photography, it is recommended that your bring short wide angle lenses such as a 12 – 24 and / or 24 – 70mm for landscape work, as well as a lens that will reach at least 400mm for wildlife. A macro lens may also come in handy for this workshop. If you do not own any of these lenses, do not feel the need to rush out and buy them. We can help you out with a discount on rentals through www.lensrentals.com and www.borrowlenses.com 

Will we need special filters for this workshop?

We highly recommend bringing both a circular polarizing filter as well as neutral density filters. Some photographers like to work with graduated neutral density filters whereas other prefer to blend exposure in Photoshop / Lightroom. If you would prefer to use graduated neutral density filters, we recommend obtaining a 3 stop REVERSE graduated neutral density filter from Singh-Ray filters along with associated filter holder. 

Will I need waders for this workshop?

The short answer to this is yes – most likely. Whether or not you wear waders will depend upon the air and water temps and your comfort level working in such conditions. I recommend a minimum of hip waders, but chest waders will be preferred. We will not be working in dangerous situations or in chest deep water. However, we will be working on the beach in the swash of the ocean and waders will keep you dry and warm  during this time – which will allow you to concentrate fully on your photography and not have to worry about getting sandy, wet, or cold. Neoprene or nylon waders will work fine. 

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