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Using Flash Changes Everything

Flash should be a basic part of every nature photographer’s kit. It doesn’t matter if you are a wildlife photography, landscape photographer, or a dedicated macro photography. Flash is one of the most important tools […]


Remove Noise in Lightroom like a Pro

Noise is a fact of life in the world of wildlife photography. With our need to shoot fast and in low light, inevitably we find ourselves battling with noise as a result. There is much […]


So You Want to be a Better Wildlife Photographer?

So you want to be a better wildlife photographer? No problem. Learn your camera and get a big lens. Did that already? Still don’t understand what your missing? Yeah, its a bit more complex than […]


Crystal Coast Kayaking

Hands down, the Crystal Coast of North Carolina is one of my favorite places to kayak. Even though I live up on the Outer Banks just to the north,  my home islands just do not […]


Wild Horse Photography Workshops

[xr_video id=”3fd08341a99449008467d241c2456d0b” size=”sm”] Back in January over the course of our Wild Horses and Waterfowl workshops, Doug Gardner shot this footage. Something of a teaser for whats to come. . .


mud puddle mallards

So here we were, 5 days into a shoot for the South Carolina Waterfowl Association and the birds just weren’t there. By this point things had become pretty routine for us. At 5 am the […]


When To Blow It Out

Since my work spans across several types of photographic genres – including surf – I receive a lot of traffic and questions regarding surf photography. One of the most asked questions I get in regards […]


Fire and Ice

Its been cold lately. I mean really cold. By southern standards, its been arctic cold. And as you would expect when temperatures plummet to below freezing for several days, everything has been frozen solid. In […]