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Searching for Pegasus

Along the border of Montana and Wyoming lives a herd of wild horses unlike any other in North America. Their’s is a world that towers above the surrounding landscape high amongst the clouds. Known as […]


Searching for Bighorns in Wyoming

Last November I spent a month in Wyoming’s Wind River range photographing wildlife. The prime directive of this trip was bighorn sheep. With an especially warm autumn, the sheep were late to the party. However, […]


Prairie Madness

When you have a background like this, you move fast to find something, anything, to compose in front of it. Luckily, this is Yellowstone. And so finding wildlife high up in the hill country that […]


Green River Lakes

Slowly but surely I am finally finding the time to go through the last month’s worth of photographs from Wyoming. Leaving the Rockies I was catapulted back into the insanity of tourist season on the […]