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  • In-depth articles written to bring you workshop level information about wildlife photography
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When we set out to begin publishing the Journal of Wildlife Photography, we did so with one goal in mind: create something we would actually want to read ourselves. We were tired of subscribing to photography magazines that failed to deliver. We don’t want to read thinly vailed advertisements disguised as articles. We were tired of the fluff. We were sick of articles that never seemed to actually provide us with anything useful. And so, we set out to do something completely different. We decided to create something that actually helped people take their photography to the next level!

When we say the Journal of Wildlife Photography is curated to bring you workshop level information, we mean it. You will not find another publication like this.

“This is the best thing on the market today.” – Doug Gardner, host of the PBS series Wild Photo Adventures 

“I really enjoy your articles. They inspire me to et out and shoot more.” – Joe Catterino