Wildlife Photography: Beyond the Basics

This four week class takes you beyond the basics of wildlife photography. This course is a no nonsense, right to the point sort of experience. We will start out with the single most important aspect of wildlife photography, learning how to locate wildlife and get in close enough to make meaningful photographs! What could be more important for wildlife photography than being able to have wildlife in front of your lens?From here we will dive into the nuts and bolts of photographing animals. In the second lesson entitled Light, the essence of wildlife photography, I will discuss the different types of light that we encounter in the field and how to best utilize that light for the given situation and species. Being a successful nature photographer means knowing how to work the situation no matter what the conditions. Every type of light has its use, its just a matter of learning how to capitalize on the situation. Moving beyond how to exploit the given light, whatever it may be, you will also learn what type of light works best with different species.

The third lesson of this class will compare and contrast close portraits of wildlife to environmental shots. Both of these methods have their place. Both are simply tools that you use in order to create emotion and tell a story with your images. You will learn how and when to use these different approaches as well as strategies creating powerful images with both.

Backgrounds are one of the most important aspects to wildlife photography. Yet, backgrounds may be the single most overlooked piece of the wildlife photography puzzle. In week four, you will learn exactly how and why this element of the composition is so critical and the different strategies for controlling your background and designing killer compositions with the backgrounds you have to work with.

I have chosen the programs and topics of this course for a number of different reasons. Many aspiring photographers that I work with in the field in both workshops and private trips are supremely, yet falsely, confident in themselves that they have mastered these aspects of their photography. These are the fundamentals that must be intuitive for the wildlife photographer first and foremost. Yet these are the basic concepts that I see continually hold back even seasoned photographers from progressing with their craft. 

If you find yourself looking at the work of professional photographers you admire and ask, ” why doesn’t my photography look like this?” or maybe, “I have been at this for years! What are they doing differently than I to create these images?” than this online workshop is designed specifically for you.  

This class will present you with information, challenges, and questions that will most likely be quite unlike anything you would expect from an online course. 


Begins: August 1, 2013

Length: 4 weeks
Price: $200
Skill Level: Intermediate*
Prerequisites: None

  1. Finding Wildlife and Getting Close
  2. Light, the essence of wildlife photography
  3. From portraits to the environment
  4. Strategies for better backgrounds

*Though the curriculum may appear to be geared toward entry level photographers, the content of these topics are not. Entire courses could be taught on an intermediate to advanced level for each one of these lessons. The depth of this course moves far beyond the basic understanding of these topics.

Upon payment you will be sent a confirmation email for your enrollment in the class and instructions for what to do next.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at: [email protected]