To register for a workshop or photo safari with Jared Lloyd Photography, you need only contact us by email or phone to express your interest. This gets your name penciled in on the roster. To make everything official, you will then have 14 days to send your deposit and registration form.

Registration forms can be found here: REGISTRATION FORM

We require a 50% deposit to secure your spot on a trip. You have two methods of payment for the deposit: credit card or good old fashion check in the mail. If the deposit presents a problem for you, please contact us as we may be able to work with you on this.

If you would like to pay by credit card, you can do so through PayPal at [email protected]

As we own a merchant account with them you do not actually have to own a PayPal account yourself. If by chance you do not have a PayPal account, we will be happy to send you an email directly from PayPal that will redirect you to their secure server with all of the payment information plugged in and ready to go for you to pay by credit card.

If on the other hand you would like to pay by check, you can make it payable to:

Jared Lloyd Photography
P.O. Box 13253
Jackson WY 83002

We are committed to providing our participants with a first class experience. For this reason, the workshops that we offer take considerable amounts of planning far in advance. From permits and insurance, to hotels, boats, guides, and a never ending list of other costs that are often associated with creating this experience for you, over the years we have formulated the below cancelation policy. 

There are basically two types of cancelation: ones that are initiated by a participant and ones that are initiated by us.

If a workshop is canceled by us:

  • If a workshop is canceled by us due to an inadequate number of registrations for the workshop to run, then participants will have the opportunity to have their money refunded in full or to transfer their money to a future workshop of their choice.
  • If a workshop is canceled due to events that are out of our control such as a natural disaster, act of terrorism, government shutdown, or other unforeseeable events that force us to be unable to operate our workshop as planned, participants will be given the opportunity to transfer the money paid for the workshop to a future workshop. Travel insurance is highly recommended for all of our workshops for this very reason.

If a participant choses to or is forced to cancel their attendance of a workshop

  • All deposits are non-refundable
  • The participant will be given the opportunity to transfer their money to a future workshop within 1 year of the starting date of the workshop that they are canceling their attendance of.
  • If a participant choses to transfer their money to a future workshop, they must do so before 120 days from the start of the workshop. No date transfers will be given inside of 120 days unless there are significant extenuating circumstances involved. Again, this is why we highly recommend trip insurance.
  • Refunds for a workshop will only be given if we are able fill the participants spot on the workshop. If the space if filled, then we will issue a full refund of the money paid on the final installment of the workshop minus a $99 administrative fee. Once again, this is why we highly recommend that your purchase travel insurance for your workshop.

In the unfortunate event that either we or the participant must cancel their workshop, we will try to work with you in a variety of different ways to help you through the situation. If you have any questions or concerns about the above policy as you consider one of our workshops, or if you are in the position where you find yourself having to consider canceling your attendance in one of our workshops, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately so that we can discuss any and all options with you and try to help you work through any problems that you may be having.

Though this cancelation may at first seem rigid, you will find that it is actually quite flexible and designed to allow us to try and work with you in a variety of different ways.

All trips offered by Jared Lloyd Photography are workshops and not photo tours. This means that there is a distinct emphasis placed upon education and instruction throughout the workshop.

Unless otherwise stated, the price of the workshop includes: 

  • lodging
  • ground transportation during workshop
  • airport shuttle

Please do not assume that anything is included other than what is specifically detail in each workshop listing. 

Unless otherwise stated under the individual workshop listing the following are not included with workshops:

  • meals
  • alcohol 
  • air fare 
  • personal rental cars

Please do not assume that anything not explicitly stated in the workshop listing is including with the price of the workshop. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding this matter.

Unless otherwise stated in the individual workshop pages, meals are not included with the price of the workshop. If you have any questions regarding what to budget for meals on a specific workshop, please feel free to contact us.

Group size should always be one of the very first things that you should look at before choosing to attend a workshop with any photographer or tour company. The size of the group will directly effect your experience, personal time with the instructor, your ability to photography sensitive wildlife, and so much more. 

We specialize in small group experiences.

For all workshops where only 1 instructor / leader is present, we limit the workshop to no more than 5 participants. 

For all workshops where there are 2 instructors, we limit the workshop to no more than 8 participants. This creates a 1:4 ratio of instructor to participants.

By limiting group sizes and ratios, we are able to offer participants a far more intimate and personalized experience on our workshops.  

Life is full of surprises. The best laid plans can unravel right in front of you for an infinite number of reasons. Purchasing travel insurance, even for the smaller and less expensive workshops and photography safaris, gives you that peace of mind that whatever life may throw at you, you are covered in regards to money spent for your workshop with us. If you have never purchased travel insurance before, you may be quite surprised at how incredibly affordable it is. As an example: for a $2000 trip, you can typically find insurance for less than $100! Check out the link below. It takes about 15 seconds and you can have quotes from several different companies to compare what it would cost to insure your trip with us.


Though there are quite a few different companies on the market, I will say that Travel Guard seems to be the best out there followed by CSA with a close second.

Jared Lloyd Photography does not rent equipment to participants. However, we recommend checking out http://www.lensrentals.com or http://www.borrowlenses.com for all your lens / camera body / photo accessory needs. As many of our workshops focus heavily and even solely upon wildlife photography, having the right tools for the job is critical for having a successful shoot. There is absolutely no reason in the world to go out and purchase a new lens or camera just for a workshop. Rent the equipment you need for a tiny fraction of the cost!